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Members can get advice, counseling and support in dealing with governments and small business issues from CFIB's Business Counsellors, at no charge.

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Facing procurement problems? The OPO can help!

If you are selling goods or providing services to the federal government and feel you have not been treated equally, the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman is ready to help.

Accessing federal government tenders: what you need to know

Thanks in part to CFIB lobbying the federal government now manages its own tenders, making procurement information more accessible. This service is 100% free and can be accessed via the Buy and Sell website.

Are you interested in doing business with the Canadian public sector?

MERX is a one-stop online tool to check out opportunities to sell your goods or services to the federal government, participating provincial and municipal governments, the MASH sector, the private sector and even participating governments in USA. Learn more about MERX so you can prospect new sales and expand your business.

What is the office of small and medium enterprises (OSME)?

Would you like help in reducing procurement barriers? Get advice on how to do business with the government? Simplify the contracting process? The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises is a tool to help businesses do that.
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