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I support free trade between the U.S. and Canada!

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Independent businesses like yours are the heart of the American economy and play a vital role in our trading relationship with Canada. Many of you benefit from the availability of Canadian goods and services, not to mention easy access to a market of 36 million people.

However, with ongoing uncertainty over the future of NAFTA and tariffs on both sides of the border, many businesses are understandably worried about the future. 

If you would like to see the United States continue its long-standing, harmonious partnership with Canada, you need to let your legislators know why it is so important. 

Write your representatives now to urge them to take action to protect your business! 

Contact your representatives!

Write your elected officials to let them know how important Canada-U.S. trade is for your business! Copy / paste the text at the right into an email, and find their addresses below:

Your Senator

Your Representative

The President

Dear ____

As a small business owner, I am very concerned with the current state of our relationship with our closest friend and ally, Canada. 

While recent efforts to reduce corporate income taxes and red tape are helpful, the success of my business also relies on this trading relationship staying strong.

To help my business grow and continue to contribute to my local community, I ask you to:

  1. Make sure free trade means free trade: Work with your colleagues to ensure that the United States immediately looks to eliminate all tariffs on products coming from Canada.
  2. Get back to the negotiating table! Express your support for NAFTA negotiations and work to reach an updated agreement in a reasonable time frame. 
  3. Address red tape: Continue to look for ways to make it easier and less costly to do business with Canada. 

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring my business can remain competitive and succeed in an ever-changing global marketplace.  
Yours sincerely,


Canada-U.S. trade by the numbers

Our #1 buyer

America’s largest customer is Canada, buying more goods from the U.S. than China, Japan and the U.K. combined. More than 15% of goods made in the U.S. are bought by Canadians.

Imports and exports

Canada is the biggest export destination for 33 states, and the biggest source of imports for 15 states.

Moving millions

Every hour of every day, more than $100 million in goods and services are traded between Canada and the U.S. In 2017, this amounted to a total of $582 billion in goods traded between our two nations!

Neighbours and allies

The U.S. and Canada share the world’s longest border, at approximately 5,525 miles (including Alaska).

Trade creates jobs

U.S.-Canada trade supports 2.2 million American jobs! NAFTA has also led to the creation of 33 million middle-class jobs in the U.S. since its inception.

A huge market

NAFTA has helped create a market that is worth $20.7 trillion, with 478 million consumers in the States, Canada and Mexico.