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Will Alberta go “zero to hero” on cutting red tape?

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  • Will Alberta go “zero to hero” on cutting red tape?

On May 29, 2019, the Alberta government introduced Bill 4: the Red Tape Reduction Act, and we were there to applaud this big step forward.

CFIB’s Laura Jones speaks on red tape reduction at the government’s announcement of Bill 4


Left to right: Hon. Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction; Hon. Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta; Laura Jones, Executive Vice-President and Chief Strategic Officer.

Each year since 2011, we have graded the provinces on their red tape initiatives during our annual Red Tape Awareness Week (RTAW). The grade is awarded based on three categories: strong political leadership, comprehensive public measurement, and clear constraints on government rules. 

Following a string of bad grades ranging between ‘F’ to ‘D+’, the Red Tape Reduction Act announcement puts Alberta one step closer to a much higher grade in 2020.

What the new bill means 

The new bill gives the provincial government legislative authority to implement regulatory reforms in the months and years ahead.

The UCP government included several policy initiatives to cut red tape in their election platform. They have also appointed a cabinet minister responsible for red tape reduction. Our team has met with the new minister to encourage this file and providing suggestions to making their goals become a reality.

Other promises include consulting with businesses through industry roundtables, setting goals and measuring the regulatory burden by ministry, making public regulatory plans each year, and harmonizing Alberta’s regulations with other provinces where it makes sense to do so.

We will continue to raise your red tape concerns at all levels of government, and keep you informed of any change or progress made on this very important file.