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CFIB meets with provincial party leaders

On September 24, 2019, CFIB met separately with Premier Dwight Ball, PC Leader Ches Crosbie and NDP Leader Alison Coffin. Joining Director of Provincial Affairs, Vaughn Hammond, were CFIB President and CEO, Dan Kelly, and Vice President, Atlantic, Jordi Morgan. The conversations were productive and provided an opportunity for CFIB to advance important issues for small business owners like you. Discussions centered around increases to the Canada Pension Plan, the barriers to growth caused by red tape, and the detrimental effects of the federal tax on passive investment income. 

All three leaders expressed interest in working with us to make doing business in this province easier.

Have you had issues with provincial red tape? Hearing your stories helps fuel the fight and effectively deliver your concerns to government. Submit your stories to [email protected] to have your voice heard. 

Meeting with Premier

With Premier Dwight Ball

Meeting with PC Leader

 With PC Leader, Ches Crosbie.

Meeting with NDP

With NDP Leader, Alison Coffin. 

September 26, 2019

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