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Urging the federal government to scrap its costly & unfair carbon tax!

We’ve heard loud and clear from Manitoba business owners like you that protecting the environment is important, but a carbon tax will negatively impact on your business’ bottom line and competitiveness. 

On October 3rd, 2018, Premier Brian Pallister announced that Manitoba will not move forward with the Made-in-Manitoba carbon tax plan. However, the federal government announced a carbon pricing backstop plan for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick, beginning in 2019. 

What is the federal plan?

Starting in April 2019, provinces under the federal plan will have a carbon tax of $20 per tonne of CO2 emissions, which will increase by $10 every year to $50 per tonne by 2022. These taxes will be applied to combustible fuels such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane. Large emitters, such as big manufacturers, mining companies, and the the oil and gas sector, have a separate carbon pricing plan entirely and some will have their rules eased so they are allowed to emit more CO2

The federal carbon tax fails the fairness test:

New CFIB research reveals that: 

  • Small business are left footing the bill: You will pay almost 50% of the federal carbon tax bill, but only get 7% back. So it’s no surprise that 87% of you believe the current plan is unfair.  
  • Small business cannot pass along the costs of a carbon tax: While the federal government expects you to simply pass your added costs down to consumers, 80% of you say you will be able to pass on less than 25% of these new costs. 
  • 77% of Manitoba small businesses say a federal carbon tax will make their business less competitive.

What is CFIB doing about this?

Join the fight:

You can raise your concerns about the federal carbon tax plan by signing CFIB's Action Alert.

Other ways to help the environment:

We know that small businesses support measures that protect the environment and many of you have already taken actions to become more environmentally-friendly. 

While many can’t afford to take on big environmental projects or renovations, there are many creative and low-cost ways to go green. Learn more about how your business can become more environmentally-friendly and save money at the same time!

February 25, 2019