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UCP elected as Alberta’s new government – now what?

On Tuesday April 16th, Albertans elected a United Conservative Party (UCP) government under the leadership of Jason Kenney. 

The UCP campaigned on an extensive platform with a series of policies that have the potential to improve the climate for small business in Alberta. Some of these policies include:

  • Repealing Alberta’s carbon tax and joining the fight against the federal carbon tax
  • Reducing the general business tax rate from 12% to 8% over 4 years
  • Introducing a Youth Wage of $13 for those 17 years and younger to encourage employers to hire young workers 
  • Cutting red tape by one-third over 4 years through:
  • Implementing a “one-for-one” rule to constrain the growth of regulations
  • Appointing a minister to lead this initiative
  • A plan to balance the budget in 4 years
  • Ending Alberta’s agreement to increase Canada Pension Plan (CPP) premiums
  • Bringing balance back to Alberta’s labour laws for things like banked time, and calculating holiday pay

Some key areas that were not addressed in the UCP’s platform, but that we will continue to advocate for at the provincial level, include reducing the small business tax and refunding the WCB surplus to employers. 

We will be working hard to ensure the UCP are held accountable to their campaign promises over the course of their mandate. In the coming weeks, please keep your eyes open for our Post-Election Survey; your comments and survey feedback are key in helping us deliver your priorities and holding government to their word. If you want to learn more about the UCP’s view on key small business issues, check out the party’s response to our 2019 Leader’s Survey here

As always, it is our priority to deliver your perspective to government (regardless of political stripe) and emphasize the importance of business-friendly policies in our province. Thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to fight to have the voice of independent business heard!

May 3, 2019

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