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2018 Alberta budget on the horizon

The 2018 provincial budget is just months away. Although a date has not been set, the Finance Minister is seeking feedback on what should be included.


The theme for this year’s budget is finding a path to balance. According to the province’s online budget consultation, this involves creating a plan to reduce spending and lower the deficit. 


Last year, we asked you what the provincial government should do to balance its budget. Ranked in first place with 93% support, members chose reducing existing spending as the best method. With this in mind, we hope that all levels of government will commit to freezing wages for the public sector. 


Figure 1
Question: What should the provincial government do to balance its budget?

Source: Alberta 2017 Pre-Budget Survey. February 2017. n=1077

Source: Alberta 2017 Pre-Budget Survey. February 2017. n=1077


With the 2018 provincial budget on the horizon, we will be participating in pre-budget consultations on your behalf by seeking a meeting with the finance minister and with a written submission. Keep your eye out for our upcoming survey in advance of budget 2018!