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Alberta businesses want credible plan to balance Budget 2017

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This year business groups were initially shut out of pre-budget meetings in Alberta. Persistance and strength in numbers pays off because Minister Joe Ceci finally accepted our invitation mid-February.

Read CFIB's full submission based on feedback we received from over a thousand business owners who responded to CFIB’s 2017-18 Alberta Budget survey.



CFIB’s Alberta Director, Amber Ruddy presents 2017 pre-budget priorities to Hon. Joe Ceci, Minister of Finance

CFIB’s main recommendations for the Alberta Budget are:

  • Introduce a credible plan to balance the budget
  • Reduce government operational expenditures
  • Make the carbon tax completely revenue neutral (i.e. reduce small business corporate income tax further)
  • Examine all policies through a small business lens (i.e. changes to WCB, labour code, employment standards and Occupational Health and Safety etc.)
  • Make progress on red tape reduction. Legislate red tape accountability with:
    • Annual measurements and public reporting of the regulatory burden
    • Constraints on regulatory burden growth (one-for-one)
    • Clear political leadership at the cabinet table