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Alberta government out of touch with the realities of farming: Bill 6

The Government of Alberta introduced Bill 6 – Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act. This labour legislation is disguised as farm safety and CFIB is urging the Alberta Government to abandon this ill-conceived omnibus bill.  

What workplace legislation would farmers be obligated to comply with?

    • Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • Workers’ Compensation Act
    • Employment Standards Code
    • Labour Relations Code

Agriculture is not a “nine-to-five” business, especially during periods of peak production (e.g. harvest, calving season, etc). Therefore, laws like that apply to workplaces in urban settings cannot be easily applied to agricultural firms. 

CFIB met with the Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Oneil Carlier, in October to stress adding regulations won’t necessarily improve safety. Farmers are committed to providing safe workplaces for their families and employees and here are some more effective ways to achieve that goal:

  • Incentives to make the adoption of safety measures more affordable
  • Safety promotions at farm shows, local workshops, and demonstrations
  • Safety education programs in schools
  • Accessible safety information online or in publications

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December 10, 2015

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