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Alberta makes moves to cut red tape!

Red tape is one of the greatest causes of headache for small businesses. Attempting to navigate through unclear regulations, confusing forms, and broken links on government websites make it terribly difficult for entrepreneurs like you to do what you do best -- run your business!

Fortunately, since the new Alberta government was elected in April, they have shown that they are receptive to small business’ red tape concerns and we are finally starting to see some movement on this file

One important initiative that the new government has introduced is the Cut Red Tape website. Through this portal, everyday Albertans can suggest how and where the government can reduce red tape in the province. This is your opportunity to tell the government how your business has been affected by red tape, and how you think they can make improvements. 

To make a submission on how the government can cut tape for you and your business, visit the Cut Red Tape website here or email the government directly here.

Additionally, please send us your ideas to reduce red tape! We will continue to communicate your red tape headaches and ideas directly to all three levels of government through our letters, submissions, and meetings with elected officials.