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The minimum wage is going up – but we’re calling for a freeze

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  • The minimum wage is going up – but we’re calling for a freeze

Does the Alberta government know the consequences? 

In advance of the increase, we have been vocal in raising awareness on how drastic minimum wage hikes can have serious impacts on local communities. To help preserve jobs, we are calling on the Alberta government to freeze the minimum wage at the current levels. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your participation on some of our recent surveys which featured questions on the minimum wage hikes in Alberta. From small business owners, we have already heard difficult sacrifices will have to be made.

Which of the following changes has your business already made as Alberta moves to a $15 an hour minimum wage? (Select as many as apply)

Alberta Biz Minimum Wage to $15 Consequences

Source: CFIB Alberta Pre-budget Survey, February 22, 2018. N=1040


Here’s how you can help

As you can guess, we are not giving up on this fight. Thanks to your help, we are equipped with significant survey results which show the hardship a rapid minimum wage increase to $15/hr will bring to Alberta’s economy and small business community. 

Your comments are also particularly helpful in delivering a strong message to the provincial government! If you would like to share your thoughts on the minimum wage, or would feel comfortable speaking out on this issue and would like to volunteer as a media contact (don’t worry – we will never commit you to an interview you do not agree to), please e-mail us at [email protected]