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Alberta Acts on Pledge to Reduce Red Tape

Red tape is one of the greatest causes of headache for small businesses. Attempting to navigate through unclear regulations, confusing forms, and broken links on government websites make it terribly difficult for entrepreneurs like you to do what you do best -- run your business!

Fortunately, since the new Alberta government was elected in April, they have shown leadership and have made strides on reducing red tape!

Following the passage of Bill 4: the Red Tape Reduction Act in May 2019, the Alberta government has implemented many initiatives to reduce red tape. Such initiatives include the Cut Red Tape website where Albertans can suggest where and how the government can reduce red tape in the province. The government has held themselves accountable to reducing red tape by releasing its 100 Days Report. In the first 100 days of the government’s mandate, the Cut Red Tape website received over 2,400 red tape burdens from the public, 60 of which the government has rounded up and acted upon.

On top of 60 red tape burdens tackled in the first 100 days, the government has announced many regulatory changes aimed at streamlining processes, applications and regulatory headaches. Some examples include:

Seeing as the government is committed to reducing red tape, we encourage you to submit any red tape burdens you or your business faces to the Cut Red Tape website (or email the government directly here)!

Additionally, please send us your ideas to reduce red tape! We will continue to raise your red tape concerns at all levels of government, and keep you informed of any change or progress made on this very important file.

December 3, 2019

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