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Alberta receives Golden Scissors Award & earns a “B-“ on national report card after years of failing grades

Red tape causes some of the biggest headaches for small businesses owners. From navigating outdated websites, trying to understand unclear regulations, filling out confusing forms, bad customer service or spending hours waiting to speak to a representative – all of it causes stress and takes up your valuable time.

Red tape affects small businesses the most. In fact, CFIB estimates the annual cost of all regulations on businesses is pegged at $36 billion per year, with one-third of that ($10 billion) considered unnecessary red tape.

That’s why eleven years ago CFIB launched Canada’s Red Tape Awareness Week (RTAW), to draw attention to how regulatory burden across all levels of government disrupts and makes it harder to run a small business, which in turn causes negative effects to the whole economy.

Alberta wins Golden Scissors Award

One part of RTAW is the Golden Scissors Awards where CFIB recognizes those who have shown leadership in cutting red tape, producing meaningful and positive results for Canadians and businesses.

Alberta’s Associate Minster of Red Tape Reduction, Grant Hunter, was nominated the Golden Scissors for taking quick action to reduce red tape and launch the cut red tape website, where anyone can submit their red tape headaches for review. The website has received over 4,000 submissions from the public, 130 of which the government has already action on, and another 240 of which they are currently reviewing.  We were please to present Minister Hunter with the Golden Scissor Award during RTAW.

Alberta GSA Win 2020

Left to Right: Jeff Jardine, Scott Jardine, Laura Jones, Associate Minister Grant Hunter, Annie Dormuth


Red Tape Report Card: Alberta goes from failing grade to B- in one year

Another important element of RTAW includes the annual release of the Red Tape Report Card that grades each province and territory on their commitment to reducing red tape. Since the first CFIB report card grade, Alberta has never scored higher than a D!

Since the new Alberta government was elected in April, they have shown incredible leadership and have made serious strides on reducing red tape. Alberta improved significantly this past year, earning a grade of B- on the 2020 report card. Here’s why:

The government has shown strong political leadership by:

  • Appointing an Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction;
  • Forming several red tape industry panels, committing to reducing Alberta’s regulatory burden by one-third over four years; and
  • Working on developing a count and comprehensive measure of the regulatory burden in Alberta.

Why not an A?

The government should make a comprehensive measure of the regulatory burden public as soon as it is confident that it has the right approach. Once its one-third reduction target is met, it should legislate a “one-for-one” policy. Its red tape reduction efforts should emphasize removing red tape irritants for businesses and all Albertans. We will continue to hold the government to account for each of these commitments to eliminate red tape in the province.

Have a red tape headache? We encourage you to submit any red tape burdens you or your business have come across to the cut red tape website (or email the government directly here).

You can also contact Business Resources at 1-888-234-2232 or email [email protected]. We will continue to raise your red tape concerns at all levels of government, and keep you informed of any change or progress made on this very important file.

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January 23, 2020

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