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Anti-spam law confusing for small business

On Monday, June 30, CFIB sent a letter to Minister Moore regarding the reaction of  small businesses to the new Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), asking for the following:

  • Boost knowledge among small businesses of CASL requirements, with education instead of enforcement (i.e. fines);
  • Ensure the CRTC can fully support small business
  • Slow the process down, with added time and flexibility to implement the various requirements;
  • Exempt businesses that send less than a certain threshold of emails per year or month
  • Review CASL quickly to ensure that it is accomplishing its goal of reducing spam and that there aren’t unintended consequences and costs in its implementation.

CASL, comes into force July 1st 2014 and affects any business that sends emails or other electronic messages, but, according to a CFIB survey, only 15% of small business owners are fully aware of its requirements, and 62% have taken no steps to comply. 

Consult CFIB’s Business Tips, which will give you a basic understanding of the new legislation and how it will impact your business.