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B.C. consultation open on “living wage”

In 2017, the provincial government formed the Fair Wage Commission to create a plan to reach a $15 / hour minimum wage (which resulted in a $15.20 minimum wage by 2021). Now, the Fair Wage Commission has been tasked with narrowing the gap between the minimum wage and a “living wage.”

The “living wage” is a wage calculated based on the assumed necessities of a family of four (assumed by the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives). The calculation includes costs such as:

  • Education: $94/month for parents to spend on college courses
  • Transportation: $521/month for a car and a two-zone bus pass
  • Other: $765/month for families to spend on “other” expenses, such as: recreation and entertainment, birthday presents, and vacations

The “living wage” consultation is open until June 28, 2019. We will be making a submission on your behalf, based on survey data from you.

Overall, you told us you support alternatives ideas to help those who need it most, such as investing in skills training, targeted tax rebates for low-income families, and investing in social services such as welfare and healthcare.

CFIB 2017 Pre Budget Survey BC

Source: CFIB, BC Pre-budget survey, n=735. October 2017

We encourage you to make a submission of your own as well, if this is an issue you feel strongly about. The more government hears from the small business community, the more they must listen! You can submit written feedback to the government by emailing [email protected] .