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BC Government awarded “Golden Scissors” for cutting red tape

Every year during Red Tape Awareness Week, CFIB awards one “Golden Scissors” to the government across Canada who did the most to cut your business free from red tape.

This year, that award was presented to the BC government for their efforts to cut red tape. In March 2016, BC became the first jurisdiction in North America to hold a Red Tape Reduction Day, dedicated to repealing outdated regulations and improving government customer service. The next Red Tape Reduction Day will occur very soon, on March 1, 2017.

The day produced real results, with many of the examples you brought forward to us being acted on. On the day:

  • The government introduced a permanent area on its website to submit red tape headaches.
  • The government repealed 37 onerous pieces of legislation.
  • Over 215 regulatory requirements were removed.
  • It now takes only 15 minutes to apply online for special occasion licenses to host parties or outdoor weddings, replacing an extensive amount of paperwork.
  • Transitioning military personnel and retired veterans no longer need additional testing as they transfer their truck driving credentials to commercial licenses.
  • British Columbians can now get information and assistance to register to be an organ donor at any of the 62 Service BC locations.


If there are any examples of red tape headaches your business faces or gets in the way to your day-to-day life, please let us know! Email [email protected] or call 604-684-5325 – we’d like to bring forward the example to the government in an attempt to get it resolved.

January 25, 2017

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