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BC government 2 years in: too little too late?

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Thanks to your feedback from our July survey, we were able to give the province a grade on their performance for implementing polices to support families (‘C’ grade), the economy (‘F’ grade), and small businesses (‘F’ grade).

Report Card

The message is pretty clear: a lot more work needs to be done to better support local job creators and the economy.

With these grades, we are urging the province to look at more ways to offer you support. The province’s own Small Business Task Force recommended they ‘reduce costs of doing business to maintain and strengthen economic growth and competitiveness’. We continue to urge this message: you need less costs and better policies to support your business’ growth.


Property taxes

We often hear they are one of the most difficult costs to absorb: property taxes. That’s why we are leading the fight for property tax relief for your business. While there is lots that can be done by municipal governments to cut their own costs to lessen the burden of the tax, the province is also to blame for skyrocketing property taxes. Learn more how we’re fighting for you on this file here.

Employer Health Tax

The new $1.9 billion tax on BC businesses is a job killer. That’s why since day one, we have asked the provincial government to scrap the tax, or at the very least make it more business friendly. Learn more how we’re fighting the Employer Health Tax here.

Add your voice to the fight!

If you have any stories or thoughts on how the provincial government’s policies have impacted your business, send them to us at [email protected]