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BC Government takes more action cutting red tape!

Last year, our members in BC were given the opportunity to participate in our submission to the provincial government on red tape issues.  Canadian business owners spend $37.1 billion annually complying with government rules and paperwork, including 5.2 billion in BC.  CFIB brought over 45 provincial red tape examples we heard from you to the provincial government. We’re pleased to see the provincial government already begin to resolve some of these, and they are considering action on many more. Here are some examples of the ideas we brought to the government they have committed to address:

  • Introduce “best practices” for tax auditors;
  • Simplify provincial tax sales bulletins;
  • Permanent online system allowing British Columbians to submit their own red tape examples;
  • Regulatory Reform Checklist: Each new regulation introduced will be scrutinized for its potential impact, with a goal of ensuring new regulations are not too onerous on small businesses or British Columbians, and that for each new regulation introduced, at least one other regulation of similar weight is eliminated.

You can keep track of the status of any idea brought to the provincial government at their red tape website.

Additionally, the provincial government released a new report earlier this month showing that the regulatory requirements in BC have declined 47 per cent from their peak level in 2001. Since CFIB has been a key proponent for continued reductions, we attended the announcement as the key stakeholder (see video).  

Please continue to bring your red tape issues to our attention, and submit them to the provincial government’s website.  Much work, however, remains to be done.  CFIB will continue to lobby governments at all levels to cut onerous paperwork, redundant regulation, and poor service our member businesses face.

July 13, 2016

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