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BC Labour Relations Code review is underway

The province has appointed a committee of advisers to review the Labour Relations Code, encouraging the public to also take plart in the conversation. Recommendations are expected no later than August 2018.

Unionization and more: what this means for your business

The largest issue which may concern your business revolves around union certification. The current system for certification, known as secret ballot voting, requires a 55% employee endorsement and is done through an anonymous vote.

However, the current government campaigned on replacing the current secret ballot vote system with a card-based system which removes the anonymity of the voting process.

Some fear that the removal of anonymity may tilt voting results in favour of union certification. Either way, this is something we will be watching closely.

What we've told the review committee

In our submission to the Labour Relations Code, we also highlighted the importance of flexible employer and employee relationships. Thanks to your input from recent survey data (see graphs below), we were able to show the committee that flexible workplace practices for small businesses lead to:

  • better relationships with employees (90% agree)
  • higher job satisfaction (79% agree)
  • higher employee retention (75% agree).

Flexible working arrangements benefit you and your employees - and we plan to help keep it this way. We’re also asking the committee to consider the burden that red tape and high payroll taxes have on employment – as 56% of CFIB members acknowledge this as a real outcome.

Stay tuned as we await the recommendations!

March 15, 2018

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