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Bill 6 consultation process announced

Alberta government announces consultation process that is fraught with problems

The Alberta Government announced their consultation process for Bill 6 – theEnhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act, which will involve six Technical Working Groups (TWGs), each with only 12 members.

CFIB says Bill 6 consultation is fraught with problems:

  1. Big city focus: Meetings are only planned in Calgary and Edmonton.
  2. Timing of meetings stink for farmers: Meetings are scheduled from March to August – right in the middle of farmers’ busiest time of year!
  3. It is highly selective with limited seats: There are only 12 seats for each group.
  4. The application process is onerous: Stakeholders have to fill out a 6 page form to apply to be considered for one of the 12 seats at one of the tables.
  5. It is inflexible: If a TWG member misses one meeting, they may be kicked off the Working Group.


What WE are doing:

  1. CFIB continues to fight Bill 6. We are telling the Alberta Government that Bill 6 is unworkable for Alberta framers.
  2. We’ve urged the government to go back to the drawing board to figure out a better process to genuinely listen and respond to Alberta farmers’ serious concerns about Bill 6.
  3. CFIB is applying to sit on the Working Groups to ensure your voice is heard.


What YOU can do:

  1. Apply to be a member on a Working Group. Deadline to apply is Friday, February 26th. Please send your application to [email protected] by February 26th.
  2. Email your concerns about the consultation process and/or Bill 6 to your MLA, the Minister of Labour (Hon. Christina Gray) and the Minister of Agriculture (Hon. Oneil Carlier): [email protected][email protected]
  3. Sign our Bill 6 Action Alert.


There is still time to be heard! CFIB won’t back down when it comes to fighting for the family farm.

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