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A carbon tax would hurt your business. Here’s how we’re fighting against it.

The majority of you (76%) oppose the introduction of a price on carbon emissions for residents and businesses. That’s why we’ve been telling the federal government that you cannot afford a policy that will place an undue burden on your business through new taxes and regulations.

What did the federal government announce?

In October 2016, the federal government announced that each province has until 2018 to adopt a carbon price plan or the federal government will impose a carbon tax in their province. The proposed carbon tax plan will place a “floor price” of $10 per tonne on carbon emissions in 2018 and increase it to $50 per tonne by 2022 for residents and businesses.

How did the Government of Saskatchewan react?

The Government of Saskatchewan strongly opposes the imposition of a carbon tax and has threatened a legal challenge if necessary. It plans to introduce further actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, without introducing a carbon tax. The government estimates the carbon tax will cost the provincial economy $2.5 billion when fully implemented.

What are we doing to fight for your business?

  • We launched an aggressive campaign in November 2016 and asked you to sign a petition opposing a costly national carbon tax.
  • Thanks to you, we collected over 1,000 signed petitions and delivered them to the Saskatchewan Environment Minister in May 2017. We thanked the government for standing up for Saskatchewan by opposing a carbon tax and urged them to continue lobbying Ottawa to reconsider its plan and recognize what Canadians are already doing to reduce carbon emissions.
  • We’re fighting this policy because we’ve heard from you, loud and clear, that it will hurt your business.
  • 82% say it will increase your operating/input costs.
  • 75% say it will reduce your profitability.
  • 49% say it will pressure you to freeze/cut salaries.
  • 48 say it will cause you to delay investments.


Punitive measures least effective You also told us punitive measures such as carbon taxes, and additional fees or regulations, are the least effective way to encourage you to implement environmentally-friendly measures.

  • 94% of you support government policies that would help raise awareness on existing energy efficiency measures you can implement in your business.
  • 84% of you support more financial incentives for energy efficiency (e.g. tax credits, rebates) and research and innovation of clean technologies.
  • Only 33% of you support the introduction of taxes and fees.


We need your help! Please add your voice to help us stop a national carbon tax. Sign our Action Alert: Keep fighting a costly carbon tax!

June 15, 2017

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