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CFIB appointed to Alberta Minimum Wage Expert Panel

The Government of Alberta recently announced a Minimum Wage Expert Panel consisting of policy experts and people working in the industry who will examine policy options relating to Alberta’s minimum wage. 

The purpose of the panel is to:

  • Publish all available economic data on the impact of the minimum wage increases since 2015; and
  • Determine whether a lower minimum wage should be applied to hospitality industry workers who serve alcohol.

The Panel is to report their findings back to the Government in early 2020.

We are excited to say that CFIB’s own Richard Truscott, Vice-President, Alberta and British Columbia, has been appointed to the panel. Richard will ensure that the concerns of businesses like yours are taken seriously in any minimum wage policy changes made by the Alberta Government. 

Given that we have been provided with this opportunity, we want to hear from you! Is there anything you would like to share with us that may be helpful in our conversations around the panel table? Please email us your thoughts and stories and we will make sure your voice is heard!

August 21, 2019

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