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CFIB meets WorkSafeBC executives, once again asking for a refund of your money

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Earlier this month, the BC team met with senior executives at WorkSafeBC to once again highlight its over-funded position and to talk about their efforts towards improving customer service for small businesses.

As you may know, in 2015 WorkSafeBC assets exceeded liabilities by $4.5 billion – meaning the fund is nearly 40 per cent over-funded. We strongly reminded WorkSafeBC that this is your money – employers are the only contributors to the fund. Returning the money will help small businesses, allowing them to grow their business, hire new workers, and get safer, more productive equipment.

We brought the nearly 1,700 WorkSafeBC action alerts that small businesses across BC have sent in over the past few months


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CFIB Delivers 1,700 Action Alerts to WorkSafeBC


THANK YOU if you’ve sent one in, and if not – please sign the petition and add your voice in asking the board to refund your money. These alerts are critical to show the importance of a refund.

We are hopeful for a board decision this year. There is a lot of stake here – refunds could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars per business, depending on the number of employees.  There is no reason the board should not provide a refund. Over the past few years, both the Alberta and Saskatchewan workers’ compensation boards have refunded excess money multiple times.

In addition, WorkSafeBC let us know they are piloting a new project recommended by CFIB: an Employer “Tele-claim” for small businesses. Now, when an employee files a claim, WorkSafeBC will immediately contact the employer and help guide them through the claims process. Getting direction directly from the claims team means your small business won’t have to try to figure out the process on their own.  Obviously, CFIB’s Business Resource team is still more than happy to help you navigate any issues you have, but this is a positive step by WorkSafeBC.

They have also asked us to work with them on ensuring their processes recognize the realities facing small businesses. CFIB business resources will be working with them in the coming months to develop tools and training to improve their customer service with small business.