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CFIB welcomes new provincial government, calls for focus on small business

Earlier this month, the BC NDP swore in its cabinet and established their ministerial priorities. It was unfortunate to no longer see a small business minister in cabinet; however, we will be looking directly to the Premier and ministers in key economic roles to become the champions of small business across all departments. 

CFIB looks forward to working with the new government and has offered some ideas on how to best support BC’s critical small business community.  

We have provided the new Premier with some initial ideas on how to best support small business in BC:

  • Make the tax system more small business friendly (e.g. fix the PST, property tax fairness, and small business income tax cuts).
  • Balance the provincial budget.
  • Reduce red tape (e.g. streamline rules, improve government customer service, and preserve the “one-for-one” rule).
  • Get big money - both corporate and union - out of politics.

And just like with the last BC government, CFIB will be sure to praise good policy and criticize policy that hurts small business.

Our new Premier, John Horgan, said himself that “like the small businesses that are the backbone of BC’s economy today, the future economic successes of the 21st century will be built with inspiration, perspiration and determination”.


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