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Reducing red tape: our meeting with the Northwest Territories government

We know that red tape can be a big issue for your business.


That's why we're taking initiative to meet with the Northwest Territories government on how they can make it easier to do business in the Territory. 


On January 20, your Advocacy Team met with team-members from the Ministry of Finance to talk about how the Territory is addressing your red tape concerns. The Ministry signaled that they are working on a new way to connect with business owners like you to address your concerns. We're still waiting on the details, but will update you once we've got them!


But we can't forget - accountability is key to ensuring governments continue to reduce red tape hurdles and listen to your concerns. And that's where we come in.


We're working towards assigning the Northwest Territories a Red Tape Reduction grade for 2022 (in other words, grading them on how well they are doing on actually reducing red tape). Our goal is to be able to track real progress to ensure government is working with you to make day to day business operations easier. As we work towards that goal, we encourage you to write to us with your red tape reduction ideas. 


Broken weblink? Outdated paperwork? Nowhere to submit a form online? Application process taking too many steps? Waiting weeks - or months - to hear back from government?


Send your thoughts to us at [email protected]

January 25, 2021

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