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Delivering 1,000 reasons for Sask Government to continue opposing a costly carbon tax

The majority of Saskatchewan small business owners oppose the introduction of a price on carbon emissions for residents and businesses (e.g. carbon tax, cap-and trade system).

CFIB presents 1,000 petitions opposing a carbon tax to Scott Moe, former Minister of the Environment

Issue: On October 3, 2016, the federal government announced that each province has until 2018 to adopt a carbon price plan or the federal government will impose a carbon tax in their province.  The proposed carbon tax plan will place a “floor price” of $10 per tonne on carbon emissions in 2018 and increase it to $50 per tonne by 2022 for residents and businesses.

The Government of Saskatchewan raised its concerns with the announcement and estimates the carbon tax would cost the average Saskatchewan family $1,250 a year, with farm families among the hardest hit. The provincial government also estimates a carbon tax will cost the Saskatchewan economy $2.5 billion when fully implemented.


  • July-August 2016: CFIB conducted the National Environment survey and received 5,982 responses from Canadian business owners (272 responses from Saskatchewan business owners).
  • October 4th, 2016: CFIB news release – Timing couldn’t be worse for introduction of carbon tax;  76% of Sask entrepreneurs opposed; only 8% supportwhich revealed the majority of Saskatchewan small business owners oppose the introduction of a charge on carbon emissions for residents and businesses (e.g. carbon tax, cap-and trade system).
  • November 2016: CFIB launched an aggressive campaign to oppose a national carbon tax. Sign our Action Alert: Timing couldn’t be worse for the introduction of a carbon tax!
  • December 13, 2016: CFIB met with Hon. Scott Moe, Sask Minister of Environment to discuss our members’ strong opposition to the federal government’s plan to impose a national carbon tax in Saskatchewan. We recommended the province continue to oppose a carbon tax and urge the Federal Government to reconsider its plan to impose a national carbon tax in Saskatchewan and recognize our province’s current actions to reduce carbon emissions.
  • December 2016 – April 2017: We thank the 1,000 business owners who took the time to sign CFIB’s petition opposing a national carbon tax. Your views make a difference!
  •  May 17, 2017: CFIB delivered over 1,000 signed petitions to Hon. Scott Moe, Sask Minister of the Environment. We thanked the provincial government for standing up for Saskatchewan by opposing a costly carbon tax and urged the province to continue lobbying the federal government to reconsider its plan.



‘Going green’ is a priority: “CFIB’s new report, Green Growth, How SMEs are working toward a greener future, shows that ‘going green’ is already a priority for a majority of Saskatchewan small businesses. Entrepreneurs say they don’t need government to force environmental change. CFIB’s survey found 83 per cent are motivated to make change because of their personal views, 51 per cent because it helps reduce their costs and one-third because they believe action is important to their customers and employees. Only 22 per cent say they were motivated by government policy.


Punitive measures least effective: CFIB’s survey also found that punitive measures such as carbon taxes, and additional fees or regulations, are the least effective way to encourage small businesses to implement environmentally-friendly measures. Ninety-four per cent of Saskatchewan small business owners support government policies that would help raise awareness on existing energy efficiency measures they can implement in their business; 84 per cent support more financial incentives for energy efficiency (e.g. tax credits, rebates) and research and innovation of clean technologies. Only 33 per cent support the introduction of taxes and fees.

Next Steps: We are counting on the Saskatchewan government to continue their strong opposition to a national carbon tax. With the uncertainty surrounding the new administration south of the border, it is important that we retain our competitive edge. We simply cannot afford an environmental policy that will place an undue burden on your business through new taxes and regulations.

We need your help! Please add your voice to help stop a national carbon tax. Sign our Action Alert: Timing couldn’t be worse for the introduction of a carbon tax Once signed, please return it by fax to (306) 359-7623 or scan and email it to

If you have questions about the carbon tax or any other issue, please call Business Resources at 1-888-234-2232 or email

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