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CFIB meets with Opposition Leader Jason Kenney

In late Septemember, we had our first official meeting with Jason Kenney in his new role as Leader of the Official Opposition. 

Thank you for taking our surveys! Your answers help us present strong results with credible recommendations to improve the small business climate in Alberta. Some of the ideas we presented were based on your responses were:

  • Repeal (or phase out) the carbon tax;
  • Reduce existing provincial spending to balance the budget;
  • Freeze the minimum wage;
  • Encourage flexible employment laws;
  • Reduce red tape;
  • And more!

Help us take action on the carbon tax

You can help us by signing our petition to repeal the carbon tax (if you haven’t already!). To learn more about what we’re doing about the carbon tax in Alberta, you can read Amber Ruddy’s (CFIB Director of Affairs, Alberta) recent column on it here


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