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Entrepreneurs rank Sask gov’t 1st on small business vision

Saskatchewan leads the pack and are by far the most confident their provincial government has a vision to support entrepreneurship and small business (72 per cent). Manitoba and Quebec tied for last.

Provincial governments make frequent references to the importance of the small business sector and their initiatives to support it. Yet a CFIB survey of small business owners from across Canada reveals substantial differences in how Premiers and provincial governments are perceived for their understanding and support of small business.

Here are the highlights from CFIB’s report: Wanted: Government vision for small business:

  • 72 per cent of Sask small business owners are confident the Saskatchewan government has a vision that creates a small businesses friendly climate; #1 in Canada
  • 88 per cent of Sask entrepreneurs said they would recommend starting a business in the province; #1 in Canada.
  • 52 per cent believe Premier Wall understands the realities of running a business, compared to nine per cent nationally.

It is evident Saskatchewan entrepreneurs support the vision and policies the provincial government has introduced to date, resulting in a stronger small business climate. Continuing to create the conditions for small businesses to grow and expand should be a top priority.

However, recent talk of potentially raising education property taxes in the upcoming provincial budget to fund infrastructure could jeopardize Sask’s #1 ranking.

 We will continue to urge the province to live within its means, ensure sustainable spending and reject raising education property taxes in the upcoming budget. We hope the government is listening!

February 19, 2014

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