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Environmental policies and consultations moving forward

The PEI government has been busy working on a series of new environmental strategies and legislation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. 

Government's Energy Strategy and Climate Change Mitigation Strategywere both recently released.  Government proposes to lower greenhouse gas emissions in cost-effective ways that will also create local opportunities.  While alternative "green" energy sources like wind and solar power development are significant components of the plans, energy & fuel efficiency programs as well as "greener" transportation options feature heavily.

In addition to these strategies, government has also begun public consultations on its new Water Act. The new legislation will:

  • Ban the export of ground or surface water;
  • Lower the limits for water usage prior to a permit being required; and
  • Create a public registry of licensed water users.

While the legislation will be tabled this Spring, it will take another year to develop the regulations for the act which will involve more specific details than the legislation itself.  The regulations would include any decisions that will be made around high-capacity wells called for by some in the agricultural community.

The online consultation for the development of the Water Act runs until April 18, 2017 or Islanders can attend one of the public meetings.

April 18, 2017

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