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Federal Budget 2021: Ensuring the road to recovery for small businesses

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It has been an incredibly difficult year for independent businesses like yours. That’s why CFIB is urging policymakers to make sure that Federal Budget 2021 prioritizes measures that will help your business stay afloat and recover post-pandemic. 

In the coming weeks, up until the budget is tabled, we are meeting with federal politicians of every stripe to make sure your priorities are heard! 
We are proposing a 6-point roadmap to recovery for small businesses for the 2021 Federal Budget:

  1. Extend and expand COVID relief for small businesses until the entire economy can reopen (including our borders) and small businesses can once again serve customers in person.
  2. Put in place a moratorium on any new costs to small businesses. Any New programs and initiatives should be funded through general revenues rather than have the cost burden placed on small businesses. This includes any changes to social programs, new fees and taxes.
  3. Forgive more small business debt and allow longer repayment terms for loans.
  4. Introduce significant hiring incentives to help reunite employees and employers, as well as offset the cost of CPP/QPP increases.
  5. Make reducing red tape a priority, including eliminating unnecessary regulations, putting things in plain language and simplifying forms and processes.
  6. Hold off on introducing consumer incentives until small businesses can fully open and benefit.

See our full pre-budget submission. Help us continue to fight for better support for your business by signing the petition today.