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Getting ready for the federal budget: CFIB brings your top recommendations to the government

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  • Getting ready for the federal budget: CFIB brings your top recommendations to the government

With the federal budget to be released on February 27th, we are reaching out to Finance Minister Bill Morneau and MPs from all parties  to make sure the government is focused on helping your business remain productive and competitive. 

Our recommendations this year aim to make sure that government policies help build small business confidence and help strengthen your business’ performance—without passing taxes on to the next generation.

Why the budget matters to your business

The federal budget sets the tone for the year ahead, outlining many of the government’s plans going forward. Many of their policies, especially around taxes and regulations, have a direct impact on your business – which is why it’s so important to make sure your voice is heard! 

CFIB is the voice of independent businesses in Ottawa, and we send letters to and meet with officials, Ministers and MPs to make sure they are informed about key issues for your business as the budget is being drafted.

Here are some of the key issues we’re raising with the government: 

Tax changes

After last year’s fight over the proposed tax changes, there are still some concerning proposals on the table. We’re asking the government to let you keep more money in your business, rather than taxing it. We’re specifically calling on them to drop the proposed changes to passive investment income, and keep allowing you to lower your tax bill by splitting income with your spouse. 

Tax fairness

CFIB scored a big victory for small business with the government reinstating its promise to lower the small business tax rate to 9% by 2019. That said, they still have a lot of work to do to ensure that tax system is fair and allows your business to remain competitive.

Payroll taxes

With minimum wage going up in several provinces, the cost of labour has become a bigger issue for many business owners like you. With payroll taxes set to increase even more, we are providing the government with suggestions on policies they should implement to offset some of these additional costs so that you can keep creating jobs. 

Employee training

As a small business owner, you make significant investments in your employees – especially through training. Many times, government supports and programs don’t necessarily take into account the kinds of investments in training that your business makes. So, we’re asking them to make sure your business has the tools and resources to invest in your employees. 

Government debt

When running your business, you know how important it is to stay in the black and spend within your means, and you expect the same from the government. Having a plan to balance the budget is an important goal for the government since too often today’s debts are tomorrow’s taxes!

Red tape

Dealing with government red tape not only takes time away from running your business, but it can often cost a lot of money! We’re asking the government to make red tape reduction a priority and take some concrete actions to address issues such as customer service at CRA and interprovincial trade barriers.

What’s next?

While the official date for the budget is still unknown, we are expecting it to be released sometime between late winter and early spring. Once it’s out we will make sure to keep your business in the know about any policies that affect you!

In the meantime, read more on CFIB's recommendations in our pre-budget summary