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Federal Budget 2020: We’re fighting for your priorities

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CFIB is currently meeting with key policy makers in Ottawa ahead of spring’s federal budget to make sure your priorities are heard! We want Budget 2020 to include policies that help your business thrive, create jobs and become more productive. 

Our pre-budget submission focused on important small businesses priorities, including: unfair taxation, government finances, labour shortages, red tape and credit cards. 

Click here  to see our full pre-budget submission.

Here are our top 10 asks for 2020:

  1. Halt or slow down increases in CPP premiums.
  2. Ensure that it doesn’t cost more to sell a small business to a family member than to a third party. 
  3. Eliminate credit card processing fees on taxes, prepaid cards and returns, as promised in the Liberal Platform.
  4. Implement a permanent lower EI rate for small business and/or introduce an EI holiday for hiring youth and/or an EI training credit.
  5. Bring fairness to the federal carbon tax by allocating an equal share of the revenues between households and businesses. Currently, businesses pay 50% of the tax, but only receive around 7% back in the form of programs, whereas consumers are getting back about 90% of the revenues.
  6. Create a simple, comprehensive measure for red tape that goes beyond the current regulatory count and includes guidelines, policies and legislation.
  7. Broaden the scope of the Red Tape Reduction Act to cut red tape not just in regulations but also in policies and legislation.  
  8. Focus on improving government customer service by treating businesses and citizens like clients and ensuring government information is consistent, reliable and in plain language.
  9. Implement a plan to balance the budget within the next five years.
  10. Apply sales taxes to international online service providers (e.g. Netflix) who sell to Canadian consumers and ensure that the CBSA properly collects sales taxes and import duties from all couriers including Canada Post.