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Is the fight for $15 really fair?

Every year since Nova Scotia adopted an annual review of minimum wage, debate surfaces around the merits or disadvantages that increases in minimum wage have on businesses, workers, and the economy. However, the most passionate debate on minimum wage surrounds the idea that it is the best means to reduce poverty.

A small business perspective on minimum wage

While most small businesses pay more than minimum wage, increases to the minimum wage rate, whether slight or steep, present a challenge for businesses once the additional costs, like CPP, EI and WCB premiums, are taken into account.

We invite you to read CFIB's letter to Minister Regan where the impact of minimum wage increases are addressed from a Nova Scotian small-business perspective.

CFIB's Vice-President & Chief Economist, Ted Mallet, also contributes to the discussion in "Minimum Wage WInners and Losers Far From Certain."

Make your voice heard

If you are concerned by the impact a $15 minimum wage could have on your business, please sign and return the Action Alert: "Is the Fight for $15/hour Minimum Wage Really Fair?" to CFIB.



CFIB's Atlantic Vice-President, Jordi Morgan, contributed this op-ed "Why a $15 minimum wage is a worry for small business" to the Chronicle Herald on June 9th, 2017. 

June 9, 2017

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