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Pushing your priorities for the 2020 Sask Budget

We know you’re too busy to attend meetings with politicians, so instead we ask your opinion on issues that matter to your business and present them to decision makers like the Premier or Finance Minister.

We want to thank the 400 entrepreneurs, like you, who responded to CFIB’s 2020 Saskatchewan Pre-Budget Survey, and provided views on a number of budget issues including: how the government should spend sustainably, maintain a competitive tax environment and continue reducing red tape.

What we heard: 

Priorities now that Sask’s budget is balanced:

  • 61% say focus on limiting the increase in government expenditures (e.g. further reduce the size of government through workforce attrition);
  • 52% say reduce the provincial government debt;
  • 46% say reduce provincial taxes;
  • 44% say further improve roads/infrastructure in Saskatchewan; and
  • Only 29% say increase government expenditures (e.g. education, healthcare).

CFIB’s 2020-21 pre-budget recommendations:

Discussing Pre-Budget Priorities

We met with Saskatchewan’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Donna Harpauer and Premier Scott Moe to make sure your priorities are addressed in the 2020 Budget.

Next Steps:

Make your voice count! Sign our petition: Progress made; more work needed


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