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Help us fight the federally imposed carbon tax!

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The federal government has announced it will impose a federal carbon tax in four provinces (New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba & Saskatchewan) in April 2019. The government already picked a fight with business owners with the small business tax changes in 2017, and now it looks like there will be another BIG fight over carbon taxes!

Where will the money go?

The plan is for the federal government to impose carbon taxes on businesses and consumers in these four provinces. In Saskatchewan, the carbon tax is expected to raise approximately $310 million in 2019-20.

The government plans to return 90% of the money collected to households in the respective province through a rebate. The remaining 10% would be used to fund programs and additional relief measures for small businesses and other organizations including universities, hospitals, schools and municipalities.

All carbon taxes paid by Canadian businesses will pay for the rebate cheques destined for consumers.

How will the carbon tax impact you?

The more energy your business uses, the higher your carbon tax bill will be. For example, it could add about 4.42 cents to every litre of gasoline purchased.

While the government has committed to providing some support measures, we are concerned it will be through the creation of an overly complicated process to apply for the rebates. We know your experience with these kind of programs is not good: usually, business owners like you just pay the tax and get nothing back due to the paperwork and bureaucracy involved.

You told us the carbon tax will make your business less competitive: When CFIB surveyed Saskatchewan business owners, 73% of you agreed that a federally imposed carbon tax will make your business less competitive. Only 13% disagreed.

We are fighting back!

We know the majority of you have already implemented environmentally friendly measures in your business and believe punitive measures, like a carbon tax, are the least effective way to reduce emissions.

That’s why CFIB has been fighting for the past two years! To date, 1,600 business owners have signed CFIB’s petition opposing a national carbon tax. Your views make a difference!

Saskatchewan government continues to say ‘No’: Premier Moe has said a forced carbon tax is poor environmental policy. It will reduce Saskatchewan’s GDP by almost $16 billion, as well as cost an extra $1,260 per family per year, with virtually no impact on emissions.

Join the fight!

Contact CFIB today to tell us how this costly carbon tax will impact your business. We will share your concerns with the Premier and Saskatchewan Environment Minister to help them push back!

Call CFIB’s Business Counsellors at 1-888-234-2232 or email [email protected].