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Help us tell Mayors that you cannot afford another tax!

Issue: Some City mayors have recently claimed they need more revenues and want the Saskatchewan government to give them the ability to introduce new taxes on your business (e.g. local sales tax).

Majority of you oppose the idea: When we asked, 82% of you told us that you oppose giving municipalities the authority to levy new taxes. Enough is enough - there are three levels of government, but only one taxpayer!

Pleased Premier Moe opposes a new municipal tax!

"Our government committed to deliver municipalities one percentage point of the PST revenue for the past 10 years. My team will not allow increased taxation powers for municipalities, but we will need to rework revenue sharing with municipalities to ensure they are spending their money efficiently and effectively. That means working together on procurement, shared services, and partnerships among municipalities.” – Premier Moe’s response to CFIB’s 2017 Leadership Candidates’ survey.

Tell the Premier that your business cannot afford another tax! Please sign our Action Alert: The Threat is real: Mayors want new taxation powers! 


September 25, 2018

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