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How we're keeping municipal leaders accountable

It’s often said that all politics are local, which is especially true for municipal politics!

Your priorities for municipal leaders include

Property tax fairness On average, your business pays twice the amount of property taxes paid by residents. It is unacceptable for municipalities to shift taxes onto your business to cover excessive municipal spending.

That’s why we highlight property tax fairness across the province and publish an annual research report that ranks the best and worst property tax gaps in 75 municipalities and 31 Rural Municipalities (RMs) with population over 1,000.

Sustainable spending You work hard to live within their means and expect your municipality to do the same. That’s why we recommend municipalities limit operational spending year over year to a maximum of population and inflation growth. They should also introduce a plan to reduce the size and cost of the civil service (primarily through attrition).

Reducing red tape While many Saskatchewan municipalities have adopted BizPal, which is an effective tool to help reduce the red tape facing entrepreneurs, they should also develop a long-term plan to reduce municipal red tape.

Say no to new taxing authority Many municipal leaders continue to call for new taxing authority to levy a range of new taxes (e.g. local fuel tax, local sales tax). The majority of you (79%) oppose Saskatchewan municipalities obtaining the authority to impose new taxes.

November 5, 2016

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