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Making a mess of waste

On July 8, CFIB wrote to the Minister of Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs on your behalf to highlight once again the lack of consultation on the implementation of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy. We have repeatedly asked the government to ensure small businesses are consulted so any future initiatives can accomplish the government’s goals without creating undue hardship for your business.

Unfortunately, this message is not being heard. Many of you in central Newfoundland are concerned about the new regulations being introduced at the regional facility in Norris Arm North. Your costs may increase by about 50 per cent beginning on September 1, 2015. As plans continue with the implementation of the Strategy, small businesses in western Newfoundland can expect their waste costs to double or even triple. It is bound to be higher in areas where tipping fees have not been introduced.


Comparison of regional tipping fees (per tonne)

  Eastern Waste Management Central Newfoundland Waste Management Western Regional Waste Management Labrador West Regional Landfill
Landill Materials $67.60 $122 ($180 - September 2015) $59 (Wild Cove and St. George's) $95
Recyclable Materials $20.00 $122 $59 (Wild Cove and St. George's) $95


And the increases don’t stop there! The government is considering a recycling program for packaging and printed paper. That’s going to mean more paperwork and additional fees for small businesses; yet, there is no guarantee this will have any impact on waste diversion as the government hopes.


Select Sample of Packaging and Printed Paper Fees

  Ontario British Columbia Manitoba
Printed paper 16 cents/kg 24 cents/kg 14.11 cents/kg
Cardboard 8.46 cents/kg 29 cents/kg 12.97 cents/kg
HDPE Bottles 13.12 cents/kg 31 cents/kg 17.09 cents/kg
Aluminum Cans 3.98 cents/kg 45 cents/kg -7.13 cents/kg
Clear glass 3.37 cents/kg 25 cents/kg 6.65 cents/kg


Many of you have already signed our Action Alert, Another Recycling Tax? Really? – If you haven’t please do so and help us get the message across to government that new fees won’t help the environment.

If you have questions or comments, please contact our office at [email protected]        

July 28, 2015