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Manitoba Election 2019: Labour and Training

Outside red tape, there are some rules and regulations that stifle business growth in Manitoba. For example, many business owners like you believe there needs to be more of a fair and equitable partnership between employers and employees to ensure safe working environments.

Similarly, there are programs in place that do not work to recognize the realities for running a small business in the province. For example, many owners do not believe students are graduating high school with enough soft skills to be adequately prepared to enter the workplace.

For more information, read CFIB’s Manitoba Election 2019: Small Business Platform, or visit CFIB’s Manitoba Election website

To find where the Government of Manitoba stands on small business priorities, visit CFIB’s Party Leaders’ Survey on Small Business Priorities

Do you have stories to share about how labour laws or training programs have negatively impacted your business? Call CFIB today at 1-888-234-2232 or send an email to [email protected]