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Manitoba Election 2019: Reduce Red Tape

Taxes are, of course, a huge cost to businesses in Manitoba. And as you’d expect, the government keeps a close eye on how many taxes there are, how much they will cost businesses and residents, and which ones they are trying to add to or, ideally, lessen. 

Red tape is also a huge cost to business owners like you, but why then is red tape not receiving the same attention as taxation from governments across Canada? Fortunately for Manitobans, the province now has North America-leading measurement, tracking, reporting and reduction requirements for red tape. 

While progress is being made, red tape is still a huge cost and problem for Manitoba’s job creators. CFIB estimates that in 2017, red tape at all levels of government cost Manitoba’s businesses about $360 million. Reducing red tape, while maintaining the essential rules will save businesses time and money, while improving compliance to make life safer for everyone.

For more information, read CFIB’s Manitoba Election 2019: Small Business Platform, or visit CFIB’s Manitoba Election website

To find where the Government of Manitoba stands on small business priorities, visit CFIB’s Party Leaders’ Survey on Small Business Priorities

Do you have stories to share about how red tape has negatively impacted your business? Call CFIB today at 1-888-234-2232 or send an email to [email protected]

August 18, 2019