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Make your voice heard during Manitoba’s municipal elections

Ahead of municipal elections, join other business owners in challenging mayors and candidates to stand up for local businesses.

Manitoba’s next municipal elections take place on October 24th. This will likely mean changes in local government in many communities. 
We are challenging candidates to adopt a set of six small business policies to help improve the business climate in your community. The six policies are: 

  • Limit municipal spending growth; 
  • Control municipal wages; 
  • Create fair property taxes; 
  • Reduce red tape; 
  • Develop a construction mitigation strategy; and
  • In Winnipeg, eliminate the Winnipeg Business Tax.

To learn more about the six policies, visit CFIB’s Small Business Platform for Municipal Candidates.

To find out how business-friendly your municipal candidates are, visit CFIB's candidate survey and response page.

To learn about when and where you can vote, visit our municipal election information page.

October 16, 2018

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