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Manitoba is working to cut red tape for your business

We know that you waste countless hours filling out needless forms or following redundant rules that could be better spent growing your business. That is why we are pushing the Government of Manitoba to be accountable for what rules it has and reduce the red tape hurting your business. 

Red tape reduction progress in Manitoba

Since 2016, the Government of Manitoba has paid attention to red tape. It now has the best measure of regulatory burden in North America. It measures, tracks and reports the province's red tape levels each year. To reduce red tape, the province has a 2-for-1 red tape reduction commitment in place to ensure two pieces of red tape are removed every time a new rule is created. 

To improve public feedback and accountability, the province launched the Manitoba Regulatory Consultation Portal to give all residents and businesses a say when regulations are being created or changed. 

Importantly, the government is also well underway with its work to improve access to the rules you need to follow. The government created a single webpage to find nearly every one of the government's forms and policies. A new email notification system is also being developed to let you know when rule changes take place that are important to your business.

Pushing your red tape priorities with the Premier

CFIB met with Premier Pallister to discuss ongoing work to reduce red tape within Manitoba and across provincial borders. Laura Jones, CFIB's Executive Vice-President, awarded Manitoba with an 'A' grade on the 2020 Red Tape Report Card. As well, the Government of Manitoba received a 2020 Golden Scissor's Awards for their major overhaul of the government's regulatory systems.

This work is far from done. That's why CFIB is pushing the Government of Manitoba to:

  • Consult with business owners each year to identify and reduce red tape;
  • Introduce a Taxpayer Fairness and Service Code;
  • Work with stakeholders in the construction industry to pass prompt payment legislation;
  • Work with the City of Winnipeg and other municipalities to cut red tape with permits and mitigate the impacts of roadwork at the municipal and provincial levels;
  • Work with other provincial, territorial and federal leaders to ensure the success of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and the reduction of inter-provincial trade barriers.

Got a red tape headache? 

Do you have an example of a dumb or ridiculous rule that you think should be fixed? We need your examples, big or small, about a confusing process, unclear rules and/or poor customer service.

Call us to share your red tape headaches at 1-888-234-2232 or email us at [email protected].

January 24, 2020