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Memorial University finances – it’s time to think long-term

Students at Memorial University pay some of the lowest, if not the lowest, tuition fees in the country – which means the university has to look elsewhere for funding. In 2015, the university received $441 million in government grants, while Dalhousie University, which has a similar sized budget, received only $292 million. If Memorial University received the same level of government grants funding as Dalhousie University, this could mean $150 million in savings for the taxpayer.

Unlike other similar-sized universities, Memorial University has relied largely on government grants for revenue, rather than student fees – a situation that is clearly unsustainable.

Undoubtedly, a call for an end to the tuition freeze will be unpopular. However, the university needs a long-term plan to move from reliance on government transfers towards reduced operating spending and increased revenue from tuition and other student fees.

Read a copy of the analysis.

May 19, 2016

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