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Minimum wage in Nova Scotia going up to $11.55 on April 1st

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A major change to Nova Scotia’s minimum wage was announced following a review by the Minimum Wage Review Committee.

Labour Minister Kousoulis has accepted committee's recommendation to increase minimum wage to $11.55/hour (up from $11.00/hour for the experienced rate) and $11.05/hour (up from $10.50/hour for the inexperienced rate). The hike will take effect on April 1, 2019.

The $0.55 increase will be followed by two more years of increases, also on April 1st. The committee recommended the minimum wage increase by about 55 cents each year (a 30-cent increase plus inflation, which is projected to be 25 cents over the next three years). Starting April 1, 2022, the rate will go back to being adjusted annually with inflation.

Increase dateExperienced rateInexperienced rate
April 1, 2019$11.55/hour$11.05/hour
April 1, 2020$12.10/hour$11.60/hour
April 1, 2021$12.65/hour$12.15/hour

(Note: increases for 2020 and 2021 are estimates.)

Based on the committee's work, the calculation to set minimum wage at Statistics Canada's Low-Income Cut Off threshold has been updated to reflect an average full-time workload from 40 hours / week to 37.5 hours / week.

For more detail, read the Nova Scotia Minimum Wage Review Committee Report.

Concerned about how the increases will affect your business?

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