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Will your local government accept the challenge?

Ahead of municipal elections, join other business owners in challenging mayors to stand up for local business - sign our new Action Alert!


We are now three months out from Election Day (October 20), when British Columbians will hit the polls to vote for their new municipal governments. This will likely mean major changes in local government in many communities, as many incumbents have decided not to run again in this election. 

To mark the occasion, we are challenging candidates for local government to adopt a set of six policy pillars that will enable municipal policy-makers to better support you! The six pillars are: 

  • Limit municipal spending 
  • Control municipal wages 
  • Create fair property taxes 
  • Reduce red tape 
  • Develop a construction mitigation strategy, and
  • Lobby the provincial government to reinstate the municipal business vote.

To learn more about the six pillars, visit our municipal platform for 2018!

Sign the petition to add your name to the many who feel that candidates should add policies that support entrepreneurs to their platforms! 

New Municipal Red Tape Report

Municipal issues can easily be overlooked. That’s why last month we released our new Municipal Red Tape Detective Report in advance of the election. For this report, we graded 20 municipalities across B.C. on red tape related items. We examined all 17 municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region as well as Victoria, Kelowna, and Prince George. How does your city compare? Read the report to find out!

July 20, 2018

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