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The Municipal Red Tape Puzzle

With all the talk of economic diversification, our province needs entrepreneurs now more than ever. Municipalities have a role to play in ensuring hindrances to business and economic growth are removed.

A report released during Red Tape Awareness Week compares municipal regulations in the 25 largest municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador. CFIB looked at access to information, customer service, and the overall regulatory framework. It is clear there is room for improvement in each municipality and the report recommends, on your behalf, the following:

  • Make red tape reduction a political priority.
    • Allow small business owners to pay their municipal tax bills interest-free on a monthly basis, which better coincides with their cash flow requirements.
    • Reduce the number of business tax categories.
    • Streamline the approval process for commercial activity to no more than two weeks. If this is not possible, the reasons why should be clearly communicated.
    • Conduct transparent, public consultations and include the business perspective on regulatory change.
  • Measure the regulatory burden.
  • Use municipal websites more effectively.
  • Ensure customer service standards are established and measured.


January 23, 2017

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