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Debt, deficit, taxes and workers’ compensation costs top small business election priorities

Small business owners are clear in their message to the political parties: reducing the debt and balancing the budget need to be the top priorities of the New Brunswick government after the September 24 election.

The results of our pre-election survey show that reducing the provincial debt is the number one priority of our members at 69%, followed by balancing the budget (67%), lowering small business taxes (61 per cent) and stabilizing workers’ compensation costs (55%).

You know today’s deficits are tomorrow’s taxes. Political parties need to present credible plans for getting the province’s books in order as they lower your tax burden. They also need to commit to fixing the workers’ compensation rates that are projected to rise again next year.

A resounding 96% of business owners who responded to the survey said they will vote in the September 24 election, one-in-two (49%) have yet to decide for which political party they will vote.

CFIB sent a list of 10 questions to the leaders of each major political party, we want them to tell you in their own words what they will do to address your priorities. We will share their responses with you once they are received.

What can I do?

As CFIB continues to advocate for your priorities during this election, you can raise these issues with your local candidates.

If you have questions or comments about the election, contact our office at [email protected]

August 30, 2018

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