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New Nova Scotia workers’ compensation policy: what employers need to know

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia is developing a new policy for processing claims that cover pre-existing medical conditions and CFIB is looking for your input.

Pre-existing medical conditions, including pre-existing psychological conditions, are becoming more and more common in Nova Scotia. An aging workforce means workers may have even more complications in their medical history.

If an employee with a pre-existing medical condition has a workplace accident that leads to an injury, what does that mean for you?

Employers in Nova Scotia do their best to prevent workplace injuries, but in the event of an incident, WCB’s claims management can become a lengthy, complicated and costly process when the employee’s injury is complicated by pre-existing medical conditions.

Currently, WCB in Nova Scotia does not have a policy to process claims where pre-existing conditions are present. The result? These claims are being handled inconsistently, leading to increased costs for employers and slower return-to-work timelines for employees.

WCB is developing a new policy to address this lack of direction. This could be good news for employers, but your voice must be heard. To protect employers from even higher costs, CFIB is making the following recommendations on the new WCB policy for processing claims with pre-existing conditions:

  • Clear definitions, guidelines, and criteria should be developed and applied consistently at all stages of a claim;
  • Workers receive compensation for the treatment and recovery of the work-related injury and not for pre-existing medical conditions;
  • Best practices in medical research determine what is needed for the work-related injury vs. the pre-existing medical condition; and
  • Claims managers receive specialized training in processing claims where pre-existing medical conditions are present.

We need to hear from you!

Please sign and return the attached CFIB Action Alert. Share your feedback and make your voice heard in the WCB policy development process.

August 30, 2016

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