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News You Can Use – April Edition

  • Premier Bob McLeod has shuffled his cabinet ahead of this assembly’s final year. Minister Caroline Cochran will assume responsibility for Education, Culture, and Employment. Minister Robert C. McLeod will assume responsibility for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation. And, Minister Alfred Moses will assume responsibility for Municipal and Community Affairs, the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, Homelessness, and the Workers Safety and Compensation Commission of the NWT and Nunavut.
  • Do you lease your home? How about your office space? The GNWT has recently approved changes to the lease rent minimums and fee structures on both Commissioner’s and territorial lands, which could impact you.
  • Do you have had trouble finding qualified labor? Have you lost employees to the Yukon? Some business owners have expressed frustration over the NWT’s requirements for immigrants, making the territory uncompetitive beside a jurisdiction like the Yukon which can expedite the permanent residency program in half the time. If you have faced these challenges, CFIB would like to hear directly from you! Please call us at 604-684-5325 or by email at [email protected].