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Recycling fees: the mandate results are in!

Should businesses in the Northwest Territories pay an additional fee for the recycling of packaging and printed paper (e.g. cardboard, newsprint) they sell or use?

The Northwest Territories’ government is exploring new ways to manage waste, one of which is to charge businesses an additional fee for the recycling of packing and printed paper (e.g. cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam, newsprint, menus, and magazines).

Members in the Northwest Territories feel strongly about this policy, with 100% opposing it.

So far, the government has not introduced new policies concerning recycling fees. However, Yukon has a new policy coming in place October 1, 2018 that will impose new taxes on retailers who manufacture, distribute, or sell tires, electronics, and electrical products sold in the Territory.

Going forward, we will communicate your needs with the Northwest Territories’ government. Additional fees for the recycling of packaging and printed paper is not the right route, and alternatives should be considered.

If your business is having any issues with recycling, or any other business related inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our business counsellors at 1 888 234-2232.

August 15, 2018

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