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N.W.T. government cuts red tape around voting!

Getting ready to vote is not always the most exciting time of year. You have to stop whatever it is you are doing and drive all the way to the ballot box just to cast your vote. But this year, the Northwest Territories has eliminated red tape in an effort to increase voter turnout by making voting easier.

The Northwest Territories is working with the Simply Voting software to allow eligible voters to cast their ballot online in the territorial election. It will be the first Canadian province or territory to do so, following Prince Edward Island’s use of the software in 2016 for a plebiscite.

Debate has followed this announcement with some concerned that opening up online voting will make the election less secure. However, experts contend that the software is amply prepared to ensure a safe and secure provincial or territorial election. Others are excited for the opportunity to vote from the comfort of their own homes and say every province and territory should allow online voting.

In order to vote online, eligible voters must sign up between Aug 19 and Sept 21 through Elections N.W.T.

July 30, 2019

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